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Ignasi Terraza Trio:It's coming'. Ignasi Terraza: piano - Pierre Boussaguet: bass - Gregory Hutchinson: drums. TCB Records TCB 23702. This blind pianist from Catalonia has a technique to be compared to Fats Waller & Mc Coy Tyner.

A ceux qui ne sauraient plus à quel trio se vouer en ces temps d'overdose trinitaire, on conseillera cette délicieuse chose swinguée sans prise de tête ni marketing bétonné. Catalan et aveugle comme Tete Montoliu, Ignasi Terraza partage avec feu son compatriote, comme d'ailleurs avec tous les pianistes de la cécité, un sens aigu de la mise en espace. Qui lui permet par exemple de situer «Prelude To A Kiss» dans un no man's land dilaté où la basse de Pierre Boussaguet et la batterie de Gregory Hutchinson viennent repêcher l'auditeur égaré.


Mainstream piano, the bass mixed up to make it a real trio, remarkable for its balance and warmth.


El pianista barcelonés Ignasi Terraza se ha reunido con el bajista Pierre Boussaguet y el batería Gregory Hutchinson en su nuevo trabajo, It's coming.


Los once temas del disco alternan composiciones del propio Terraza con temas clásicos, alternancia que también se da entre temas enérgicos llenos de swing y otros marcados por un aire sentimental. Es precisamente en los primeros, los más veloces y potentes, en los que el trío se muestra más interesante: en Give me another, composición de Terraza que abre el disco, o el homenaje a Oscar Peterson que es Oscar's will la banda se muestra suelta, divirtiéndose con la música, jugueteando al darse paso unos a los otros. Son capaces de mantener este espíritu y un sonido potente incluso en My ideal, conjugándolo con un ritmo de bossa nova que no pierde su sensualidad a pesar de la energía que destila. En Brown's sweets, original de bajista, mantienen el pulso y ya no lo sueltan hasta que otro original de Terraza, el que pone título al disco, cierra la sesión.

En medio de todas estas demostraciones de swing aparecen cortes como I'm gettig sentimental over you o Prelude to a kiss. Necesarios para darle vitalidad al disco, el rendimiento del combo parece decaer un poco, hasta que de nuevo aparece la energía que hace de este disco una más que agradable escucha.


A press release that was sent out with a promotional mailing of It's Coming stated that the death of pianist Tete Montoliu in 1997 left a major void in the Spanish jazz scene and that Ignasi Terraza is the man to fill the void. But such hype is silly because truth be told, no one can fill Montoliu's shoes--he was truly irreplaceable. Implying that Terraza is the new Tete Montoliu is sort of like saying that Phil Woods replaced Charlie Parker; no one--not even a saxophonist as undeniably superb as Woods--filled Bird's shoes. But while Terraza shouldn't be considered a "replacement" for Montoliu, there are some parallels between them. Montoliu was a blind, bop-oriented acoustic pianist from Barcelona, Spain; so is Terraza, whose It's Coming underscores the fact that he is a talented, appealing improviser in his own right. Terraza's swinging yet lyrical approach owes a lot to Red Garland, and other noteworthy influences (direct or indirect) include Hank Jones, Tommy Flanagan and Oscar Peterson (whose inspiration he acknowledges on Oscar's Will). Forming a trio with bassist Pierre Boussaguet and drummer Gregory Hutchinson, Terraza is in good form on four originals compositions as well as interpretations of overdone standards like Yesterdays, My Ideal and Duke Ellington's Prelude to a Kiss. Thankfully, Terraza isn't one of those straightahead jazzmen who favors an all-warhorses-all-the-time policy. Terraza surprises us with an unlikely bop arrangement of the traditional folk song Rosor, and the four original tunes let us know that he has a lot going for him as a composer. This 2003 session won't go down in history as the most groundbreaking or innovative jazz release of the 2000s, but it's a solid, if derivative, effort that paints a likable picture of the Spanish pianist.


Blind pianist Ignasi Terraza is a national treasure within Spanish jazz circles. A mainstream player whose influences range from Fats Waller through to McCoy Tyner, he's joined here by bassist Pierre Boussaguet and drummer Gregory Hutchinson in a program of standards and originals.


When Spanish jazz pianist Tete Montoliu left the jazz scene, he left a gap to be filled - and fortunately, it has been! Ignasi Terraza makes his impressive debut with this album! Following the mainstream with superb technical skills and an intriguing musical concept, Terraza creates a flowing, grooving display of instrumental finesse.


This disc reveals Terraza's tribute to the Great American Songbook, but shows equal interest in his own inspired interplay on a very high level creates a joyful listening experience from the first to the last track.


It's Coming (The Montreux Jazz Label) és el nou disc del pianista Ignasi Terraza amb un trio de campanetes -Pierre Boussaguet, baix, i Gregory Hutchinson, bateria-. Enregistrat a Suïssa, és una nova exhibició del poderós swing que irradia dels dits del músic català. Una deliciosa meravella.


Spanish pianist Ignasi Terraza is well known in Western Europe jazz circles. His style is very lively and out front, reflecting the influence of Oscar Peterson and Ahmad Jamal. His trio for this set includes drummer Greg Hutchinson and Pierre Boussaguet on bass, both highly rated musicians. They play a mix of originals and standards. We liked the mysterious feel of "Van Gogh" and the subtle samba of "My Ideal". The vibe is very good with enough juice to get your head bobbing and keep you engaged.


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